The Lomax and Biggs series
by Marshall Karp

The Rabbit Factory
Flipping Out
Cut, Paste, and Kill

Marshall Karp works with James Patterson on various series but these are all his own. And they are very good. The plots are compelling, as the two L.A. detectives try to figure out what starts as a bizarre murder and turns into a serial string of bizarre murders. Lomax is the straight man, Biggs the comedian, and the banter is authentic and witty. The bit players, the bad guys, and even the victims are vividly drawn—if you’re a fan of Hiaasen quirky villains you’ll enjoy the cast. All in all an excellent read—this series gets a high recommendation for Yuck Nation. Read them all.

Story 5, Craft 5, Humor 4 — Recommend reading them in order. Click title above to see the book on Amazon.