The Solomon vs. Lord series
by Paul Levine
Legal Mystery/Thriller

Solomon vs. Lord
The Deep Blue Alibi
Kill All the Lawyers
Habeas Porpoise

Billed as “John Grisham meets Dave Barry.” Solomon and Lord are a Florida courthouse Odd Couple: Solomon the sleazy, sloppy male defense lawyer and Lord the neat, by-the-book female prosecutor. Of course, romantic sparks fly. The mysteries here are excellent—serious plots with appropriate red herrings and surprise reveals. The humor comes from the sharp-witted repartee between (and seeming incompatibility of) the main characters, as well as the entertaining supporting cast. The characters are easy to like, and the books fun to read. I recommend reading them in order. They are all very good.

Story 5, Craft 4, Humor 4. Click title above to see the book on Amazon.