The Duck and Cover series
by Benjamin Wallace
Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors
Knights of the Apocalypse
Pursuit of the Apocalypse
Revenge of the Apocalypse
Crossroads of the Apocalypse

The opening of the first book of the series sets the humorous tone, and the series does not let up. It’s kind of Mad Max meets Monty Python—lots of post-apocalyptic fighting for survival, but with great banter and understatement. Our hero and heroine keep level heads and a sense of humor as they deal with bounty hunters, mutated plants, super-smart bears, renaissance-faire-based governments, crazed cannibals, biker gangs, and two very stupid and funny bad guys right out of a Hiaasen novel. There is rich satire on the human condition. I’ve enjoyed the first four books, which carry a theme to it’s conclusion, and just got the fifth, which is extended adventures. I’ll add that to the report when I finish it.

Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors is a funny take on the post-apocalyptic genre. There’s a good story and while it develops, Wallace entertains us with a satiric take on our own world through the post-apocalyptic lens. This is dry humor, ala Monty Python or Douglas Adams; lots of great banter and understatement. The hero, Jerry the Librarian, is unassuming but resourceful enough to ply his trade among the huddling survivors. Story 4, Craft 5, Humor 4.

Knights of the Apocalypse, book 2 of the series, brings our heroes to a town with renaissance-faire-based government. The juxtaposition of medieval ways with post-apocalyptic reality is surprisingly hilarious. As with book 1, the banter is entertaining, with wit and wry understatement. Full of adventure that only Wallace’s post-apocalyptic world could provide, including a spooky ghost town inhabited by cannibals. Of course. Story 4, Craft 5, Humor 5.

Pursuit of the Apocalypse, book 3 of the series, gets more serious, more satirical, and funnier at the same time. There are some funny biker henchmen right out of a Hiaasen novel, some truly blood-curdling bad guys, and a town where everyone is free to do or say whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t offend anyone else. Yeah, it’s a satire. Warning, the ending is dark. Story 4, Craft 5, Humor 5.

Revenge of the Apocalypse, book 4 of the series, brings Jerry the Librarian to Niagara Falls to confront the top-dog bad guy he’s been battling by proxy for the entire series. The emphasis is more on the adventure than the humor here, but both are strong. The antics of the local resistance are quite entertaining. Story 4, Craft 5, Humor 4.

Story 4, Craft 5, Humor 4. Click title above to see the book on Amazon.