The Junkers series
by Benjamin Wallace
Near-future Adventure

Junkers Season Two

Junkers – In a world where robots do just about everything, sometimes one goes rogue. Or even several. Enter the Junkers, a rag-tag team (what else?) of robot wranglers who take on the jobs too dangerous for anyone else. This first book in the series is really funny, mostly from the hilarious banter among the team. But there were some laugh-out-loud moments, like the battle scenes with renegade office machines who’s tactics are limited by their specific office tasks. Story 5, Craft 5, Humor 5

Junkers Season Two – Book 2 of the Junkers series, featuring the rag-tag team of robot wranglers who battle rogue robots. In this installment, the Junkers take on a quarantined theme park full of rogue animatronics. Here Wallace took this “robots true to their function” joke to the next level. It had satire, banter, and even slapstick humor to go with the excellent story.

Story 5, Craft 5, Humor 5. Highly recommended. Click title above to see the book on Amazon.