The Solomon vs. Lord series
by Paul Levine
Legal Mystery/Thriller

Solomon vs. Lord
The Deep Blue Alibi
Kill All the Lawyers
Habeas Porpoise

Billed as “John Grisham meets Dave Barry.” Solomon and Lord are a Florida courthouse Odd Couple: Solomon the sleazy, sloppy male defense lawyer and Lord the neat, by-the-book female prosecutor. Of course, romantic sparks fly. The mysteries here are excellent—serious plots with appropriate red herrings and surprise reveals. The humor comes from the sharp-witted repartee between (and seeming incompatibility of) the main characters, as well as the entertaining supporting cast. The characters are easy to like, and the books fun to read. I recommend reading them in order. They are all very good.

Solomon vs. Lord – In book 1 of the series, we meet Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord. There’s a murder mystery, but also a love story and family strife involving Steve’s autistic nephew and his disgraced father. The humor is crisp and the sexual tension palpable. Story 5, craft 4, humor 4.

The Deep Blue Alibi – In book 2 of the series, Solomon and Lord tackle a “closed ship” mystery, where her uncle crashes his boat with no one else but a murdered body aboard. The nudist colony visit was especially funny. Story 5, craft 4, humor 4.

Kill All the Lawyers – In book 3 of the series, an old client is out for revenge. As good as the first two books, a little darker, with a little deeper character development for Steve and Victoria. Story 5, craft 4, humor 4.

Habeus Porpoise – Book 4 of the series, puts Steve and Victoria on opposite sides of the case. Steve’s autistic nephew Bobby plays a bigger role in this one, and it works. Story 5, craft 4, humor 4.

Story 5, Craft 4, Humor 4. Click title above to see the book on Amazon.